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Subject: Re: Irritating Posts
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 23:16:33 +0100
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John Steele Gordon is not a loony "right-winger" ---- he's a quite
well-informed and sensible person ---- on his home turf ---- American
Business History ---- et alia.

Flash is quite correct. "Political Correctness" HAS gotten totally out
of hand in the United States ---- any thoughtful person, educated
person ---- understands that. That's why there is currently such a
backlash against it ---- and, *of course* the backlash stings the
Malefactors of Great Dogma.

The High Priests and Priestesses of Political Correctness have come a

For decades they have been saying that some quite sensible, logical and
reasonable political, economic and social opinions are ---- "not nice"
and "terribly mean-spirited" ---- "unapproved".

We are vastly amused that many of these pogues and poguettes, who
idolize John Fitzgerald Kennedy and went all weak in the knees and weepy
over the death of his son, John, Jr. ---- thereby killing any chance of
a direct succession in the Kennedy Dynasty ---- have no imaginable
*conception* of the political, economic and social ideas of JFK ---- who
was a staunch Cold Warrior, believed in cutting taxes... et cetera, et

How Sweet It Is!

"Bronwen" is yet another Red Diaper Baby, educated at Berkeley in the

Do bears sleep in the forest?

Deus Vult.

Fortem Posce Animum.

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"Arthur Murata" <> wrote in message

| Funny how the only people I ever hear use terms like
| "politically correct" are conservatives or right-wingers
| erroneously thinking that they are referring to liberals or
| left-wingers. Guys, we don't use the term - only you do (if
| you fall into that conservative category). Annd at the
| moment "politically correct" means waving a flag and
| callling for the nuking of accused but not convicted
| terrorists (and their families and countrymen). Bronwen

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| > > > Historians cannot be politically correct. Social
| > scientists can be
| > > > politically correct, but that is what makes them bad
| > historians.
| > >
| > > You have clearly not spent much time in the history
| > department of virtually
| > > any university in the United States. Perhaps what you
| > are saying is that
| > > many of the habitus of these departments are not, in
| > fact, historians.
| > >
| >
| > Perhaps one should say that historians should not be
| > politically correct
| >
| > > No argument from me on that point.
| > >
| > Quite
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