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From: (Cdunn3)
Subject: Re: Joan de Carreu, wife of Guy de Brian
Date: 27 Oct 2001 00:02:20 GMT
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>From: "Louise Staley"
>Date: 10/26/01 6:25 PM Central Daylight Time
>Message-id: <3bd9f0c8$0$9827$>
>Yes and no. This Joan was the mother of Elizabeth who married
>Robert Fitzpayn, my source is C.P. II:361. This whole line was
>much discussed in 1998, try the thread CP XIV: FitzPayn, Grey,
>Bryan [VERY LONG!] @
>1& for more
Louise and Doug,
Thanks. I did mean Robert (not Richard)
FitzPayn. Searching the reference given
by Louise, Paul Reed indicates that
Joan de Carreu was "said to be" daughter
of John de Carreu.
Is this the current thinking?
Which John de Carreu ?
Thanks again.
Carl Dunn

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