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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: TRUE and TESTED FACTS; (was re: Children of Zedekiah).
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 19:30:19 -0000
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Heaven Forfend!

Todd would *never* be guilty of the Primal Sin Of Mockery [PSOM]! [N.B.
Pronounced just as it looks, "pee-som". ---- DSH]

_Au contraire_, Bennett is the best little arse-kisser we have seen here
on SGM in five years ---- a champion brown-noser of the first flush ----
indeed *before* the first flush.


Deus Vult.

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You're the steppes of Russia, You're the pants on a Roxy usher. I'm a
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You're the top!" - [Cole Porter, Yale '13 - 1934. The sixth sentence
supra was reportedly Cole's favourite in the entire song. ---- DSH]

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"Chris Bennett" <> wrote in message
| "Chris and Tom Tinney, Sr." <> wrote in
| news:...
| > Chris, the greatest fantasy on this
| > list is the use of mockery as an
| > assumed substitute for scholarly
| > evaluation, as led by the list's
| > most "profoundly esteemed" DSH.
| > His "son" is taf. I do not consider
| > ancient record sources "babble";
| > nor, can the ancient records, being
| > so scarce, be "micro" evaluated.
| With respect, there is an enormous difference between Mr Hines'
| abuse and Todd's analyses of the data you have presented. These
records can
| certainly be evaluated against other ancient records, literary,
| and archaeological. Todd has pointed out that this data is internally
| inconsistent with everything we know about the periods in question,
and has
| no claim to credibility given what we know about Irish historiography.
| That is not mockery, that is basic historical scholarship.
| Since Todd has clearly demonstrated his case and you really don't seem
to be
| able to get the point, I see no reason this thread should continue.
| Chris
| <snip>

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