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Subject: Re: TRUE and TESTED FACTS; (was re: Children of Zedekiah).
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: )

Particularly when you give them a bottle of whiskey and something to
write with and on.

Faith and Begorra!

Just ask me 29th Great-Grandfather, Brian Boru, Ard-Ri [High King] of
Ireland. [Think _Autry/Audrey/Audie_ as in Gene or Hepburn or
Murphy. ---- : ) DSH]

Brian is always a GREAT favourite at the Family Reunions.

Erin Go Bragh!

Deus Vult.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing." -- Attributed to Edmund Burke [1729-1797]

Warriors ---- "There is much tradition and mystique in the bequest of
personal weapons to a surviving comrade in arms. It has to do with a
continuation of values past individual mortality. People living in a
time made safe for them by others may find this difficult to
understand." _Hannibal_, Thomas Harris, Delacorte Press, [1999], p. 397.

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"Matthew Harley" <> wrote in message
| "Chris and Tom Tinney, Sr." wrote:
| > That being said, Ugaine Mor is:
| > [contemporary with Alexander the
| > Great, and is stated to have
| > sailed with a fleet into the
| > Mediterranean, landed forces in
| > Africa, and also attacked Sicily;
| > proceeded to Gaul and Married
| > Caesair, daughter of the King of
| > the Gauls, his brethren Celts.
| > They had 22 sons and 3 daughters.
| > He divided the kingdom into twenty
| > five portions for their inheritance.
| > Only two sons had issue.]
| The Annals of the Four Masters (composed in the 1630s)
| say:
| In A.M. 4606 (592 B.C.?)
| "At the end of this year Ugaine Mor, after he had been full forty
years king of
| Ireland, and of the whole of the west of Europe, as far as Muir
Toirrian, was
| slain by
| Badhbhchadh, at Tealach An Chosgair, in Magh Muireadha, in Bregia."
| Do you believe he was king of the whole of the west of Europe?
| Don't you know the Irish have a slight tendency to exaggerate?
| Matt Harley

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