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From: Marin-Guzman <>
Subject: Re: Padilla family
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 20:12:15 +1100
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The information I have comes from Argote de Molina's "Nobleza de Andalucia",
1588, chapter LXXXIX.

In it Argote de Molina begins with a description of the alferez Fernan Gomez
de Padilla, the standard bearer who died in the battle of Martos.

Although, Fernan Gomez de Padilla was interred in the main chapel of the
Monasterio de Santo Domingo, Ubeda (Jaen) the lineage actually stems from

According to Argote de Molina, the origin of this surname is Padiella de
Yuso - in the jurisdiction of Castro Xeriz (Castrojeriz, Burgos) - and they
shared the armorial ensigns with the family of Olaerreta, from the señorio
of Vizcaya.

In a document of 1033, outlining the priviliges conferred by King Sancho on
the church of Oña, one of the witnesses was Diego Nuñez de Padiella.

Later, in 1166, Nuño Gutierrez de Padilla and Gonzalo Gutierrez de Padilla
founded the Monasterio de San Miguel de Villamayor.

In 1253 Gutierre Gonzalez de Padilla, Caballero de la Meznada, is also
mentioned in the "Repartimiento".

The "Libro del Becerro" (in the reign of Alfonso XI) states that Pero Lopez
de Padilla el Viejo was the father of Juan Fernandez de Padilla, who was in
turn the father of Pero Lopez de Padilla who married Maria Gonzalez de
Leiva, daughter of Juan Martinez de Leiva, and inherited a state in the
jurisdiction of Santo Domingo de Silos, Coruña (Coruña del Conde).

This Pero Lopez de Padilla was also a witness to a sentence passed by
Fernando IV of Castile in 1304.

Also in the "Libro del Becerro" there's a mention of Juan Garcia de Padilla
and his wife Mari Gomez de Finestrosa, sister of Juan Fernandez de
Finestrosa, parents of Juan Garcia de Padilla y Villagera, Maestre de
Santiago, his brother Diego Garcia de Padilla y Villagera, Maestre de
Calatrava, and Mari Diaz de Padilla who was the consort of King Pedro I el

There's a bit more but mostly of their descendants.

I hope this helps you Maria Emma.


Pedro Marin-Guzman


> From: (maria emma escobar)
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> Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
> Date: 15 Nov 2001 01:29:53 -0700
> Subject: Padilla family
> I would be very grateful if someone could inform me
> about the family of Maria de Padilla, (Pedro I of
> Castilla´s lover), before 1300. I have María´s father:
> juan garcia de Padilla, and Pedro lopez de Padilla
> (ca. 1.312) I find a "Gutierre de Padilla" in a
> secundary source but without a documented base.
> Thanks. Mee.
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