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Subject: Re: Clemence de Verdun: Dispensations and Hostages
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:01:07 EST

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<< Nicholas de Verdun and his wife Clemence were of such a status
that should no relationship with Susanna have been suspected,
no one would bat an eye. >>

What does this mean exactly? This is clear as Mississippi River water.

<<Again, BEFORE one can use the argument of suspected relationship as an
argument for such a relationship, you must show it to be a valid claim. Only
opinion has been set forth. And any such status should specifically focus on
FEMALE hostages. >>

In all fairness, you must focus on 'granddaughters' of kings who were held
hostage. It is not a big field. This is a horse of another color and all
these tools techniques that as sometimes used to determine evidence set by
precedent and invalid. The king could really do as he wished in such cases.

The transfer of property history and any other form of familial inheritance
or keep has to be the deciding factors in this instance.

- Ken

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