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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Clemence de Verdun: Dispensations and Hostages
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:53:38 -0000

I wrote:
> > Indeed, unless I've missed something, are we sure that Maud was a
> > of Theobald Butler? (A couple of weeks ago I was certainly puzzled about
> > she fitted in.)
> >

Paul Reed replied:
> Maud was given her marriage portion (or at least inheritance) by Clemence
> (Le Butiller) de Verdun after 1231. If she were daughter of Rohese (only
> daughter or one of several daughters) by a husband other than Theobald le
> Boteler, she would be heir of that husband, and that husband's lands.

Yes, the inquisition does state that Clemence gave it to Maud in free

Just so I understand the argument - you'd say that if Rohese left a daughter
or daughters by a first marriage, and just sons (say) by a second, her
mother Clemence would not have settled land in free marriage on a daughter
of the first marriage, because that daughter would be an heir or coheir of
her father?

Chris Phillips

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