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From: "Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr." <>
Subject: Re: sancho ramirez of Arag?
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 16:02:02 -0800
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Would it be ethical, legal and lawful, to do a
data extraction of CP, (just the facts, that is),
in combination with other reliable source
references, and place them online in conjunction
with GEN-MEDIEVAL-L, in a format
similar to: Celebrity Trees?

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.
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Bryant Smith wrote:

> (Nathaniel Taylor) wrote in message news:<>...
>>In article <>,
>> (Bryant Smith) wrote:
>>>Is anything anywhere near approaching the scope of, say, CP,
>>>published in English about the royalty and nobility of the
>>>Iberian kingdoms?
>>In a word, no.
>>>>For discussion of this lineage, see:
>>>>Arco y Garay, Ricardo del. Dos Infantes de Navarra, Senores en
>>>>Monzon. Principe de Viana. 10:249-74 (1949).
>>>>Pamplona, German de. Filiation y Derechos al Trono de Navarra de
>>>>Garcia Ramirez el Restaurador. Principe de Viana. 10:275-83
>>>>Salazar y Acha, Jaime de. Reflexiones Sobre la Posible
>>>>Historicidad de un Episodio de la Crónica Najerense. Príncipe de
>>>>Viana. 55:149-156 (1994).
>>>Surely you jest! Even for one reasonably comfortable reading Spanish,
>>>this journal (?) is not generally available. The Library of Congress
>>>on-line catalog lists 155 items on a command search of "Principe de
>>>Viana," none of them by any of the authors above; a search on Salazar
>>>y Acha turns up two works, neither of them in Principe de Viana.
>>_Principe de Viana_ is the historical journal of the Consejo de Cultura de
>>Navarra, published in Pamplona since 1940; therefore it is an obvious
>>resource for short works of scholarship on the Navarrese kings.
>>According to the OCLC "WorldCat" database (accessible in many libraries)
>>_Principe de Viana_ is held by 25 US libraries in 15 states, in addition
>>to the Library of Congress.
>I'm sure that information will be very useful to persons living near one
>of the 25 libraries, or even near a library having the OCLC database and
>ableto arrange interlibrary loans, but as you know, from the part off my
>post you snipped, I have no such access. I still have been unable to turn
>up the Principe de Viana in the LOC online catalog, neither in the Sutro
>in San Francisco nor in the Texas State Library (where I have Hispanic
>friends who might be able to make and send me copies); I did, however, find
>a U.K. company offering back issues and am awaiting confirmation of my
>registration with them.
>Bryant Smith
>Playa Palo Seco
>Costa Rica
>>Nat Taylor

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