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From: (Bryant Smith)
Subject: Re: sancho ramirez of Arag?
Date: 6 Dec 2001 06:13:58 -0800
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[Referring to Ramiro Garces of Navarre, son of Stephanie]
> > Since he is new to me, I also need to ask
> > about his wife Urraca (and her father Gonzalo Salvdorez [I have two
> > of that name, both in a long series of Salvador G > G Salvadorez >
> > S G &c]), and any children of the marriage.
> The Gonzalo Salvadorez pedigree has apparently suffered from
> confused chronology - there appears to have been just one, the
> son of Salvador Gonzalez, kinsman (brother or nephew) of the
> Count Munio Gonzalez (he was paternal grandfather of Count Munio
> Gonzalez, who is thought to have been paternal grandfather of the
> famous Counts Pedro and Rodrigo Gonzalez de Lara.

I have this AT (in relevant part) for the famous counts:

1. Pedro and Rodrigo Gonzalez de Lara, Counts
2. Gonzalo Muñoz de Lara
3. Goda Salvadorez
4. Munio Gonzalez de Lara their paternal grandfather
5. Mayor Muñoz
6. Salvador Gonzalez
7. NN
8. Gonzalo Muñoz de Lara
9. Eylo Muñoz of Asturias
10. Munio Rodriguez
11. NN
12. Gonzalo Salvadorez
13. NN
14. NN
15. NN
16. Munio Gonzalez de Lara paternal grandfather of #4
17. Tigridia Ansurez
18. Munio Rodriguez of Asturias
19. Enderquina Froilaz
20. [Rodrigo]
21. NN
22. NN
23. NN
24. Salvador Gonzalez Kinsman (brother or nephew) of #16?
32. Gonzalo Garces of Castile
64. Garcia Fernandez
128. Fernan Gonzalez (the famous one)

Firstly: Have I got it right so far?
Secondly: Is #12 the father of Urraca, the wife of
Ramiro Garces Count of [Monzon?]?
Thirdly: Here is where I know I?m in trouble. I have
This descent from #32:
1. Gonzalo Garces
1.1 Munio Gonzalez (#16 above)
1.1.1 Gonzalo Muñoz (#8); etc. as above
1.2 Salvador Gonzalez [¡!!]
1.2.1 Gonzalo Salvadorez Salvador Gonzalez [¡!!]
So I show two Salvador Gonzalez while you say there was
really only one. Salvador Gonzalez #1.2 is indeed a brother
of #1.1 (#16 in the AT) but I can?t see how a Salvador Gonzalez
could be a nephew, unless Munio Gonzalez had a sister who happened
to marry a man named Gonzalo. Otherwise we would need a man
in the position of 1.3 Gonzalo Gonzalez. My Salvador
would be a grand-nephew of #16, but apparently he never existed.
Can you straighten me out?
Thanks very much
Bryant Smith
Playa Palo Seco
Costa Rica

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