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Subject: Mary Dyer Flouts Banishment
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 02:19:01 -0000
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I'm afraid that's a completely worthless URL.

However, other websites make it clear that she was banished under pain
of death, flouted the law more than once by returning to Boston ---- and
only then was executed.

Stern Justice ---- and we should certainly say it was a Bad Law and
quite unjust.

But, you've misrepresented what happened.

She wasn't hanged for her religious beliefs. She was hanged because she
violated the terms of her sentencing ---- banishment, and no return
under pain of death.

AGAIN ---- Bad Law.

BUT, get the facts straight.

You don't seem to realize that in the Massachusetts Colony of this
period, Church and State were closely intertwined in ways we should find
totally unacceptable today.

You need a Sense of History.

Mary Dyer had flouted the civil state, not just the religious order.

Deus Vult.

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| wrote:
| >What were the charges against her?
| >
| >
| A brief explanation of the events
| leading to her execution can be found
| at:
| > Mary Dyer, who
| >| happens to be an ancestor of mine (and
| >| probably others in the group), was a
| >| Quaker, and was exectuted by hanging
| >| in Boston on 1 June 1660, because of
| >| her religious beliefs.
| CarlDunn

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