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Subject: Re: A New Bohun Daughter Discovered
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 22:25:37 EST

Sunday, 13 January, 2002,

Hello Cris, et al.,

If I might through in my t'pence again (think I've hit the day's
allotment), I have a correction on one item in your latest post; and an
observation that would (if resolved 'satisfactorily') would move us closer to
The Answer.

1. The mother of Theobald de Verdun, Lord Verdun (b.
ca. 1248) was not Eleanor, who was the 2nd wife of
John de Verdun; it was the first wife, Margery de
Lacy, daughter of Gilbert de Lacy of Ewyas Lacy, co.
Hereford and of Meath [she was coheiress of Meath].
It was his inheritance of his mother's Irish lands
that kept him 'constantly in Ireland' [CP Vol XII/2,
p. 249].

2. Humphrey de Verdun, mentioned by Hagger (p. 251, per
your post) is also identified in CP (p. 248 note f,
also Vol XII/2). Certainty as to his parentage is
not established, I think especially since CP and
Hagger both appear to take this from Dugdale. The
CP footnote reads (under John de Verdun):

'Presumably his s. Humphrey, b. on the vigil
of Pentecost 1267, was by the 2nd wife (Dugdale,
Mon., vol. v, p. 661). Nothing is known of
Eleanor's parentage but she may have been a Bohun.'

There is an IGI record for a Humphrey de Verdun,
identified as younger brother of John de Verdun,
b. ca. 1229, and shown as d. Paris, 1285. If this
is based on fact (and preferably, an accurate
rendition of fact), the occurrence of the name
Humphrey among the children of John de Verdun
would not indicate anything unusual re: a Bohun
connection at that generation.

If our friend (actually, uncle) William Dugdale was in error as to
specifics concerning the 'latter' Humphrey de Verdun, it is conceivable he
was a child of Theobald de Verdun and his wife Margery [de Bohun]. Now that
would be a nice fit.

After a lengthy day, I'm sure we're all a little Haggered. Let me know
if you have any Bohuns to pick re: the above.............;)

Good luck, and good continued hunting.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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