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From: Arthur Murata <>
Subject: Re: Some of the reasons for come to America
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 14:34:15 -0800 (PST)
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--- Jonas Kuschner <> wrote:
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> > The "Mormons" did not come to America. Their sect was
> American
> > in its origins. The history of their emigrations under
> persecution
> > gives the lie to our vaunted "freedom of religion."
> Yes, but they began at an early point to send
> missionaries to Europe,
> converting people here who subsequently emigrated to the
> USA. The level of
> persecution or harassment that the new Mormons were
> subjected to, if any,
> probably varied between countries.
> Jonas
I may have been the one who mentioned the Mormons as being
among the few who immigrated for reasons of religious
freedom; I am aware of Joseph Smith and the tablets etc
etc. but I also have one set of g-g-grandparents who were
immigrants of this kind. They may not have been part of
Brigham Young's group but they were only a year or so
behind him. Stories of my g-g-grandmother's hands being
permanently crippled from pushing the handcart across the
continent have come down to my generation. Their starting
point was Northumbria and the date was about 1847, give or
take a year in one or the other direction. My
g-g-grandfather was a carpenter and elder in the church who
helped built the Tabernacle. I am not Mormon and I think
that their daughter probably left the religion (she ended
up in California in a family without any official religious
affiliation). In researching her parents (and grandparents,
some of whom also came, I found shipload after shipload of
people - just from the borderlands between England and
Scotland - coming over to migrate to Salt Lake City. Best,
Bronwen Edwards (their names, incidentally, if anyone knows
of them I would be glad to know more: William Knox and Kate
Tearn; daughter was Mae Knox.

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