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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Gwladus, Joan, Tangwystl
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:44:51 -0000

I wrote:
> Ordinarily, this [the land transers] would be quite a strong clue, but the
> problem in this case is that the lands in question had been a matter of
> dispute between Llewelyn
> and the Mortimers at least a decade before Gladys' marriage to Ralph de
> Mortimer.

Ken Finton replied:
> How do you figure that Joan's lands could have been given to the Mortimers
> even if Gwladys was not Joan's daughter? Also, saying that these
> were under dispute ten years before Gwladys' marriage to Mortimer is
> incorrect. [See below.]

If I understand correctly, at this time there would have been no legal bar
to alienating lands given in marriage and entailed on their issue (provided
that there had been issue).

I didn't mean to imply that there had been a continuous dispute over the
lands, but that there had been a dispute, long (more than a decade) before
the marriage.

Chris Phillips

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