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Subject: Re: Solution to the identity of Iseult. wife of Hugh de Audley
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:27:42 EST

Friday, 25 January, 2002

Hello Chris, and Peter (et al.),

I think you have the right de Clavering - la Zouche link.

Given the chronology for Roger fitz Roger de Clavering [b. 1247, m. 1265
to Margery la Zouche - see MC 5th ed., p. 63), and for Sir Alan la Zouche and
Elena de Quincy (m. bef 1242 - CP Vol. XII/2 -Zouche; also MC 5th ed., p.90),
it appears certain that Margaret [aka Margery] la Zouche was the daughter of
Sir Alan la Zouche and his wife Elena. Further support, slight as it may be,
would indicate Margaret [aka Margery] was the namesake of her grandmother
Margaret Biset, wife of Sir Roger la Zouche.

The answer to the Willoughby end of the equation is still elusive. It
may lie in the ancestry of Joan Roscelyn, wife of John de Willoughby (d. 13
June 1349) and mother of the subject John: the male Roscelyn line is known,
but there are many maternal lines yet unknown. There may also be a marriage
to a Willoughby (prior to 1257) that could answer the question.

The Willoughby answer may also provide the answer re: Sir Stephen de
Cosington. In trying to find a Cosynton/Cossington link, I find reference to
the manor of Cossington or Cosington having been held by the Willoughbys of
Wollaton: we may yet find Sir Stephen of Cosington being descended of a
daughter of Willoughby of Wollaton.

Back to the scrolls......

Good luck, and good hunting.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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