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Subject: Re: Annulment And Divorce
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 20:42:57 EST

Don Stone wrote,

> Here is a very brief summary I prepared a while ago:
> For a brief argument that Godfrey was probably the half-brother of
> Geoffrey, see Don Stone's 8 May 2000 posting on soc.genealogy.medieval with
> the subject "The English Geoffrey of Boulogne is not Godfrey of Bouillon."
> This posting contains comments by Prof. Allan V. Murray of the University
> of Leeds. In his later detailed study of the Geoffrey/Godfrey issue
> (Murray 2000, Appendix A, pp. 159-165), Prof. Murray reviews a wide range
> of direct and circumstantial evidence and concludes that Geoffrey and
> Godfrey are half-brothers, Geoffrey being the son of Eustace II of Boulogne
> either by an extra-marital union or by a marriage (perhaps Eustace's known
> marriage to Godgifu, sister of Edward the Confessor) which was dissolved on
> grounds of consanguinity, causing Geoffrey to be regarded as illegitimate.
> (Eustace is most likely the Count Eustace who in 1049 was excommunicated
> for incest by Pope Leo IX, and he is probably descended from Godgifu's
> ancestor Alfred the Great.)
> --

My notes show that Godrey's mother was Ida (-1113) of Bouillion. She would be
related to Pope Leo IX (1002-1054), but I'm not sure exactly how. I have her
father's brother as Frederick (-1058) who was elected Pope Stephen (my notes
say he was either IX or X). I think its the Catholic encyclopaedia which
states this Pope to be to be cousin to Bruno Pope Leo IX (1002-1054). I
wonder if this family connection oiled the wheels in obtaining the annulment
of Eustace marriage to Geoffrey's mother - just a thought.


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