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From: "Sutliff" <>
Subject: Re: Two Ralph de Vernons
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 07:14:31 GMT
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The first Ralph is well documented. However, could you please provide an
exact citation in Ormerod as to your second Ralph? Ormerod is not without
errors and this could be one of them. Thanks.

Henry Sutliff

"Robert S Baxter" <> wrote in message
> I. In Ormerod, Ralph de Vernon of Shipbrooke, the old liver (said to have
> lived 150 years, which I doubt)occurred 1286-1326, bastard son of the
> priest, Ralph de Vernon, married 1. Mary Dacre and had a son Ralph, jun.;
> liason with 2. Maud Grosvernor (may have married after first child). A son
> Robert of this liason occurred 1323-1326.
> II. Also Ralph de Vernon of Shipbrooke, occurred 1307-1313, married
> de Hatton. There is no indication of this second Ralph's father. He had a
> son Robert who occured 1320-1326 and died before 1332
> He looks to be identical with the old liver above, especially since both
> sons Robert who were contemporary.
> Any thoughts.
> Thanks,
> Bob Baxter

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