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Subject: Re: Plantagenet Descents from Ancient Judea
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:12:54 -0300 (ART)
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Melech, King, in Hebrew;

Baruch atah Adonai, Melech ha-Olam...

Blessed art Thou, oh Lord, King of the World...


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> >
> > By the way, can anyone comment on the origin of
> the name of St.
> > Vladimir's maternal grandfather, Malk of Lubech?
> MLK is the Hebrew
> > trigraph (root) that means "king." Is this mere
> coincidence?
> The Etymological Dictionary of the Russian Language
> [Max Vasmer,
> "Etimologicheskiy Slovar' Russkogo Yazyka," (Moskva:
> Progress, 1986;
> originally published in Heidelberg, 1950-1958), vol.
> ii, p. 595]
> provides the following information: melik = Caucasus
> mountains prince;
> found among Russian nobility; source of the family
> name "Melikov;"
> from Turkish, Old Uzbek, and Uguric "malik," meaning
> "king or prince,"
> stemming from Arabic.
> I suspect that the name of St. Vladimir's maternal
> grandfather, Malk
> of Lubech, stems from this word/name--no other word
> in Vasmer's
> etymological dictionary appears to be a likely
> source of this name.
> And, in light of recent discoveries about the
> expanse and dominance of
> Khazaria throughout and to the North and East of the
> Caucasus during
> this period, as well as recent discoveries about
> Khazar use of the
> Hebrew language, I would ammend Vasmer's definition
> to state that
> "malik" probably stems from the Hebrew word for
> "king or prince"
> rather than from the Arabic word for "king or
> prince." Even though
> both Hebrew and Arabic contain this word, a nobleman
> in Lubech named
> "Malk" or "Melik" or "Malik" in the 800s, surely
> would have received
> his name as a result of influence by Khazaria rather
> than Arabia.
> Shawn Potter

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