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From: (Shawn Potter)
Subject: Re: Plantagenet Descents From Ancient Judea
Date: 29 Mar 2002 07:23:07 -0800
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> Kagan should be the Russian version of Cohen, where
> one gets H (aspirate) > G (velar plosive).
> chico

Yes! When Russian adopts a foreign word with an "h," the "h" becomes
"g." For example, hospitable > gospital'niy, etc. Great observation.
This should be weighed against the Chinese origin proposed by Vasmer.

Also, reference Vasmer's observation that Metropolitan Illarion called
Vladimir kagan. I suspect that the popular view concerning the reason
that Illarion called Vladimir kagan is that Vladimir ruled over the
territory that previously belonged to the kagan of Khazaria. However,
if Vladimir descended from Khazar nobility through his mother
(Malusha) and through her father (Malk of Lubech), then Vladimir's
title of kagan may have derived from a claim to the Khazar throne
through inheritence. To test this theory, one might examine whether,
between the fall of the Khazar capital in about 967 and the beginning
of the rule of Vladimir in about 980, other rulers of Rus claimed the
title of kagan. For example, did Vladimir's half-brother, Yaropolk
(who ruled c. 972-980, but was not a son of Malusha), also claim the
title of kagan?

Shawn Potter

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