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From: "William Black" <>
Subject: Re: The Queen Mother ---- Requiescat In Pace
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 22:32:47 +0000 (UTC)
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D. Spencer Hines <> wrote in message

> 6. It's all grossly unfair to the "Victim", George VI, who should be
> pitied. So, hate the "Oppressor", Edward VIII and sympathise with the
> "Victim", George VI. Why, how nicely Marxist it all is.
> Deeelightful!!!! Karl would be immensely proud of us all!
> 7. Have you all got that now, children? And just forget about those 60
> cigarettes a day. You see, George VI smoked so much *because* he was
> under *STRESS* ---- stress brought on by Edward VIII's selfishness and
> irresponsibility.

Edward VIII was a nasty piece of work, a fascist sympathiser, and even
possibly a traitor.

The only reason he didn't run into the hands of the Germans in Portugal is
because British Intelligence ran rings around both him and the Germans.

Although considering who was involved I'm not really surprised.

William Black
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