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Subject: Re: The Queen Mother ---- Requiescat In Pace
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 20:24:41 +0100
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"But in the event I think that a compromise was put forward that would
have let the relationship stand without her becoming Queen. Edward
rejected that, thus sealing the need for abdication."

Paul J. Gans


Gans, as usual, is Dead Wrong.

He is *remarkably* ignorant about British History.

Since he believes "There are no historical facts" ---- he simply never
bothers to learn them.

It was Edward VIII, *himself*, who proposed a morganatic marriage, not
someone else. So, Gans has completely got that wrong-way-round.

Edward VIII did not "reject" that "compromise". Gans writes gibberish.

Note the passive voice, "a compromise was put forward" ---- which he
hides behind when he doesn't actually know what happened ---- but
deigns ---- indeed itches ---- to opine ---- from the pit of ignorance.

Edward's proposal for a morganatic marriage was, however, a completely
counter-productive proposal, because since Wallis would be his wife, but
not his queen ---- it thereby implied that she was unfit to be
queen. ---- She was indeed unqualified to be queen, in 1936, and
probably today, as well, in my opinion.

The Brits got this one right. For a twice-divorced, American commoner
of uncertain motives and a questionable background to become Edward
VIII's Queen, in 1936, was a thoroughly bad idea.

Stanley Baldwin, the Conservative Prime Minister was not prepared to
endorse a morganatic marriage. Neither was Clement Atlee, the leader of
the Labour Party. Neither were the Dominion Prime Ministers.

The proposal for a morganatic marriage to Wallis Simpson, a
twice-divorced American commoner, was a non-starter from the get-go.
And, again, the proposal came *from* Edward VIII, not, as Gans has it,
from a vague someone else.

The ignorant should not prattle without learning the historical and/or
genealogical facts.


Verbum Sapienti.

Deus Vult.

Veni, Vidi, Calcitravi Asinum.

And then there were the constitutional issues and fears that Edward VIII
would not be a figurehead, a constitutional monarch ---- leaving most
all of the heavy lifting to Parliament.

He had demonstrated that in the past ---- notably during the General
Strike in 1926 and on his visit to South Wales in mid-November 1936 ----
where he was seen by many as politically intervening in matters that
were the Prime Minister's responsibility.

Wise and knowledgeable Brits may, of course, have more to add here ----
and I welcome their comments, corrections and additional useful
insights. I'm certainly not the expert on this matter. ---- DSH

"One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no
ordinary man could be such a fool."

George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) [1903-1950] ---- _Notes on
Nationalism_, May, 1945

"Thrice they tried to pile Ossa on Pelion, yes, and roll up leafy
Olympus upon Ossa; thrice the Father of Heaven split the mountains apart
with his thunderbolt." Publius Vergilius Maro [Virgil] (70-19 B.C.),
Georgics, I, l. 281.

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