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From: Cristopher Nash <>
Subject: Pecche/Clopton (was Re: Margery Pecche or Clifford etc)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 02:46:11 +0100
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Following my (no doubt maddening) habit, on the appearance of a
thread devoted to a surname that's long been on my list of
genealogical puzzles, of leaping in to put a more general query about
the name and families bearing it: Pecche (Peccatum/Peché, etc) is
one of those frequent early medieval names claimed to belong to a
(branch of the) same family subsequently bearing quite a different
and often equally well-known name. (Another example that's come up
recently is Norreys->Eltonhead.) The fa of the first William de
Cloptonne was thought (by Dugdale, if I read Gene Carlton Clopton
[1984] right) to have been a Gilbert Pecche who in Domesday held land
in Cloptun (Suff).

D'Ewes (Sir Simond) in a manuscript of 1626 reportedly listed no
fewer than 14 early generations of a family of Pecche who were to
become widely known to us as one called Clopton. I'd be interested
to know whether anyone has seen a reasonably reliable (or at least
relatively modern) account of this connection?



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