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From: "Phil Moody" <>
Subject: Re: The Queen Mother ---- Requiescat In Pace
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 00:12:55 -0500
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"Todd A. Farmerie" wrote:

> Yes, a simple mischaracterizations suited your purposes just fine.

PLM: I saw it as a benign fact, but you seem to be the only one kvetching
about it being a mischaracterization. We do have conflicting opinions on the

> As to my "invitation to leave" being public, it has been made
> public many times - if anyone feels the list is not worth
> belonging to, I would be more than happy to help them
> unsubscribe. It is not an attempt to "run someone off", simply a
> presentation of one of the available options. There are of
> course, other options, such as repeatedly kvetching about things,
> but you should have realized by now that that is not a productive
> approach.

PLM: If your e-mail was so innocuous, why was it not made public in the
first place, and furthermore, why did you feel it necessary to add that I
needn't bother responding to it, because you had no intention of reading my
response? Don't play the innocent now. The way I see it, you gifted the
e-mail to me, and it is now my property, and therefore, I can do as I please
with it; so thank you, Todd. I will cherish it always:-)
I don't think twice in one year, can be construed as "repeatedly
kvetching"; so stop over egging the pudding. Only time will tell what is a
productive approach, and what is not. In many instance, the squeaky wheel
does get the grease.

> As to your other comments, I hope you feel better after having
> gotten them off your chest. It must be terrible looking having
> such pent up angst. Maybe we can now get back to genealogy

PLM: Yes, I do feel better, and thanks for asking, Todd. However, do
yourself a favor, and take note of the object lessons I intended for you,
and reflect on them.
I had already gotten back to genealogy, by sending in a quote from John
of Worcester on celibacy; when your disruptive e-mail diverted me from it,
once again.

> If that is the only reason you are staying, you might want to
> reconsider. Life is too short to keep doing something just to be
> a thorn in the side of others.

PLM: Of course it's not the only reason, but it does spice things up a

"> Now, back to genealogy."

Best Wishes,

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