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Subject: RE: On Douglas Richardson's new books
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 00:24:03 -0700
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All that is missing is the wailing violin music.

In my nearly five years in this forum, this is without a doubt, the
stupidest post I have ever seen. A condescending, vicious book peddler
who pretenses manifest collegiality being defended by the village
buffoon who publishes everything he can without obtaining permission.
Two men transparently defending each other while using this forum to
further their own bank accounts at the expense of the rest us.

Like attracts like. Why don't you both do us a favor and stroll off into
the sunset, hand in hand. You will not be missed.

Henry Sutliff

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Subject: On Douglas Richardson's new books

We need to be clear, folks. Douglas Richardson is attempting some
tasks here and devoting day and night -- not to mention the majority of
precious lifespan -- on attempting to revise and publish data that can
benefit us all. Most of the ideas and discoveries that he has presented

actually fly, although there seems to be a few findings that do not fly.

Have you all considered that Richardson is putting these ideas and
up for comments so that his book can be as accurate as he can make it?
many senior members of this forum -- whose works have formerly seemed to
an aid to us -- all seem to be dipping him in vitriolic acids of insult
contempt. Let me go on record as declaring that this treatment is

All men and all women have failings. These stones are being thrown by
very people who have not admitted to their own shortcomings. These
say more about the originators that they do about the subject.

We can be assured that Douglas Richardson's new books will be torn apart
ridiculed on this forum. This forum has had little good to say about any

attempt at a comprehensive work in the past and will very likely
continue to
do so in the future. Douglas' new work will undoubtedly retain some
errors, so there is no chance that everyone will agree with everything
between the two covers. That is a fact of life -- and I am sure Douglas
Richardson is aware of this.

That being said, I am sure that it is time for Douglas to simply finish
book and let the chips fall where they may. Too much more additional
on the myriad of data entries can detract from the finishing of the
Addendums can be compiled on newer information as it comes in. Such a
will always have parts that are a constantly changing picture. There is
need to stratify it in the present, as we are all aware that it will be
of the better and most comprehensive works in existence when it is done.

In a message dated 4/21/02 11:06:48 AM, writes:

<< It matters enormously. This sort of apparent mistake allows a
author to castigate the currently best respected and publicly available
source of medieval genealogy as containing "Manifest Blunders". As this
author has found and made known to us all this manifest blunder, he can
thereby hold his work up as superior to this old, and obviously
out-of-date, book. So that he can then encourage sales of his book and
take advance orders and cash. And the more cash he can generate, the
larger the team he can assemble to pursue researches and thereby benefit
us all with a totally blunderless account of medieval genealogy.
All of us, that is, who are descended from the inhabitants of a small
offshore island and which descendants deserted it for a newly discovered
pasture the other side of a little pond. >>

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