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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: On Douglas Richardson's new books [very OT]
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 04:37:10 +0000 (UTC)
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"Reedpcgen" <> wrote in message

> [Ken wrote:]
> <<The length of a book is very important to publishing costs and retail
> pricing, so I suspect that a credit page thanking contributors to this forum
> for their help and the mention of a few names would be more than sufficient.
> One cannot expect individual recognition for every established correction in a
> book of that size and scope.>>
> If there is space for the information provided from another person(s), and the
> information was deemed valuable enough to print, there is space for recognition
> in that line. In EVERY footnote where information is supplied by another,
> recognition should be made (do you not read history books, 'thanks to Dr. ***
> for bringing this to my attention"?).

Quite right - and let us fantastically assume the best in this case: it
will be most interesting to see how any acknowledgements are phrased. In
normal circumstances the help given has been volunteered or requested in
private by the author in a mannerly, collegial way. However, Douglas
Richardson has preferred to corner his help publicly, by posting
half-baked and usually ill-researched postulations to SGM, inviting
comments. In response, he either has his complete answer straight off
(and as often as not fails to recognise the value & import of it), or
else further correspondence starts up amongst other contributors who
have taken trouble over the matter and are keen to leave the archive as
correct and informative as possible.

The first person to raise any unchallenging question or offer a new fact
to Richardson's purpose will be greeted by an unctuous "Thank you for
your good post". But anyone who contests his interpretation or corrects
him can expect no notice to be taken directly - although in extremis his
opinions can miraculously change, spontaneously and retrospectively,

Will these methods & professional ethics be made clear to purchasers?

Peter Stewart

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