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From: Roz Griston <>
Subject: RE: On Douglas Richardson's new books [very OT]
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 09:58:59 -0700

good grief ..if ppl don't want their info data mined, don't share it in
a public forum. if it is so important that you receive credit, and/or
payment for your info..then send a query letter off to the appropriate
publication to see if they are willing to buy it.

the moment you post anything here or any public forum..consider
yourself standing on a street corner with a megaphone..don't be
surprised that there are eavesdroppers who pick up on what you've said
and repeat it.

again if you "need" credit/payment for your info..then seek a paying
publication or don't share the info here or elsewhere on the internet.

i don't think the concept is too difficult to grasp.


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Subject:Re: On Douglas Richardson's new books [very OT]

Ken Harper Finton wrote --

>In forums like this there are sometimes simultaneous posts of dupli
>information from several different people, or very small bits and
pieces or
>even questions that spur someone else into looking up some more data.
>Individual contribution becomes hazy in simultaneous situations or
where a
>dozen people have built upon one another's help. History books that
>'for their valuable insight on 'y' still do not acknowledge the
sources of
>x's opinions and materials -- as sometimes it is either unknown or too
>consuming to trace.

Do I smell another attempt at justifying your lack of credit to
in your publication? Are you setting us up for yet another round of
arguments when the latest issue comes out?

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