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From: (Uriah N Owen)
Subject: Re: Who's Who in Genealogy
Date: 26 Apr 2002 02:24:01 -0700
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Very Impressive Mr. Richardson,

OK Mr. Paul C. Reed, FASG

Its your turn ! -Lets see your credentials!!!!

OR what were you saying about hypocritical calls for collegiality ?

Where did you GRADUATE from?,

with what DEGREE(S)?,

Are you an accredited or certified genealogist?,

Or, as private posts to me have been intimating, is your only
qualification that you are Neil Thompson's "friend"?

To quote you:

"From: Reedpcgen ()
Subject: Re: Rosie Inquisition or idle curiosity
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
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Date: 2002-04-24 18:04:51 PST

Since Doug already announced that he has advanced degrees in History
(didn't he say history?), and the universities where he obtained them,
why is there any difficulty in stating what those degrees in history
were and when?

I'd assume he would put that sort of information in
'Who's Who in Genealogy" or an application for the position of
editor of NGSQ without a blink.


Cheers, Uriah

(Douglas Richardson) wrote in message news:<>...
> Dear Rosie ~
> In answer to your request for information regarding my degrees, below
> please find a copy of my biographical entry which appeared in the 1990
> issue of Who's Who in Genealogy. As you can plainly see, I possess
> two advanced degrees in History from the universities I previously
> mentioned. The one detail they left out was that I graduated cum
> laude from the University of California. My records are open to the
> public. Since this entry was published, I've also taught history at
> the college level and had two more children. Other than that, the
> information is accurate. I won't bore you with my list of
> publications which is a mile long. I published my first full length
> book when I was 22 and I've been at it ever since. I trust this
> answers your question.
> With the distrust and suspicion that have run rampant this week,
> perhaps we should all share this kind of information. As such, when
> you have a moment, I'd appreciate if you would favor me with your
> background, vitals, and specifically your degrees. Collegiality is
> based on friendship and friendship based on common knowledge and
> shared experience. Let's do share. I await your reply.
> Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
> - - - - - - - -
> Source: Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry, by Mary Keysor Meyer & P.
> William Filby, published in 1990.
> Page 220:
> Richardson, Douglas
> PERSONAL: b. 16 Apr. 1951, Sacramento, CA, son of Wayne H. & Joan
> Elizabeth (Kercheval) Richardson; m. 31 Dec. 1980 Rozanne Somerville;
> ch.: Wayne H. Richardson II, Elizabeth G. Richardson, Avyette A.
> Richardson, Mary Emma S. Richardson. Education: Univ. of California,
> Santa Barbara (4 yrs., B.A., Hist., 1973); Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
> (2 yrs., M.A., Hist., 1977). Home: 6606 N.W. 29th Terr., Bethany, OK
> 73008; ph. 405-787-9133. Office: P. O. Box 1036, Bethany, OK 73008;
> ph. 405-787-9133.
> CAREER ACTIVITIES: R. H. Sears, Oklahoma City (Real Estate Appraiser),
> 3 yrs.); Schmook Appraisal Co., Oklahoma City (Real Estate Appraiser,
> 1 yr.); Douglas Richardson Co., Bethany, OK (Real Estate Appraiser, 2
> yrs.); Richardson Reprints (pub. firm, 2 yrs.). Memberships: Miles
> Merwin Assoc.; Richardson Heritage Soc.
> GENEALOGICAL PUBLICATIONS: Eno and Enos Family in America (1973, repr.
> 1985). Many articles in leading gen. journals. Other: Contributing
> ed., The American Genealogist. In Progress: Continued research on
> English origins of Amos Richardson of MA and CT (immigrant ancestor)
> and his descendants in America to the 5th generation.
> GENEALOGICAL INTERESTS: Atlantic seaboard (colonial) research,
> pre-1790; esp. New England and Dutch settlements in NY and NJ;
> European origins of early American immigrants; medieval European
> nobility/royalty.

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