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Subject: Re: Walter Aston of Virginia and his Ancestry
Date: 26 Apr 2002 20:34:03 GMT
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[Sam wrote:]
>Mr. Paul Reed made the
>same claim about that one of my presumed ancestors.
>I have written to Paul Reed about this several times and he has never

Sam wrote once about Thomas Willis; I posted the evidence. I shall here repost

Richard Willis, Esquire, was of Horningsey and Fen Ditton,
Cambridgeshire, and of the Inner Temple. He died 26 Oct.
1626. He married Jane Henmarsh, daughter and heir of
William Henmarsh, of Balls, Hertfordshire. She died 12
Mar. 1628/9. They married at Hertford 28 Oct. 1611. They
had three sons and one daughter:

(1) Sir Thomas Willis [this is the man who people claim is
the Virginia immigrant], bp. 6 Sep. 1612, was aged 72 in
1684, when he gave information for the Visitation of
Cambridge, and died 17 Nov. 1701, aged 87. He married
Anne Wild, daughter and coheiress of Sir John Wildeby
Anne Honeywood. He was created a Baronet 15 Dec.
1641, but his male issue eventually became extinct. His
eldest son, Thomas, aged 2 in 1634, died without issue.
(Sir Thomas had six sons and seven daughters.)

(2) Sir Richard Willis, second son of Richard Willis and
Jane Henmarsh, was bp. 13 Jan. 1613/14, and buried 9 Dec.
1690. He married Alice Fox, daughter and heir of Thomas
Fox, MD, by Anne Honeywood. He was also created a
Baronet, on 11 June 1646. He had one son and two
daughters. His only son, Sir Thomas Fox Willis, died
without issue unmarried in 1701, aged 59.

(3) William Willis, bp. 16 Apr. 1615, was a colonel of
the horse. He married Katharine Offley, daughter of Sir
John Offley, and widow of Thomas, son of Thomas Willis
of the Inner Temple, London and Ahs, Hampshire.

(4) Elizabeth Willis, bp. 29 Sep. 1616, married Sir
William Man of Canterbury.

If you examine the above, you will see that Thomas Willis,
the Virginia immigrant, was not the man in England so
frequently stated on the Internet.


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