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From: "Inger E" <>
Subject: Re: Oppida in Irish Culture; was: Ancient Irish 'Pedigrees' (was Re: History & Genealogy or the Mathematical Study of Genealogy?)
Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 19:17:26 GMT
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> > Falling down in this debate without being able to say if the things I am
> > about to write has been written by someone else, I have to tell you that
> yes
> > there are Irish annals written prior to the fifth century. Seven years
> I
> > had the advantage of checking one from 320 AD.
> I think you'll find that the actual annals are much later. There are a
> older dates given in them, including from around the period 320 AD, but
> were added to the much later annals, for example stating something that
> happened to a great-grandfather as it was an important event and still
> remembered.

You could of course be right, but the Easter Table I saw ended in 320's.
Anyhow I am trying to gain control over my handwritten notebooks..... it's a
wonder when I ever have had time to do so much handwriting :-) I can't
imagin what I was thinking of back then I would have been better of had I
used the computer to write it down as I always have done when it comes to
"my" favorites 400-1400 from Hadrian's wall to Troms and from NA to the
Russian border.....

Inger E

By definition, the annals cannot pre-date the arival of
> christianity, as they were only kept to work out the correct date for
> Easter.
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