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From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Subject: Re: _Cheshire_...
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 21:07:38 GMT
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Nathaniel Taylor <> wrote:

>No one has brought up the old constitutional status and name of Cheshire
>as the 'County Palatine of Chester'. This is a different sort of
>distinction (I think) than the semantic one enjoyed by 'County Durham',
>but is authentically English and historically accurate and represents no
>'Americanism' or other genealogical ignorance. Could someone who knows
>post a brief statement: why does Durham get to have 'county' in its name
>when others do not, and what is the history of the entity known as the
>'County Palatine of Chester'?

Dave Greene corrected me: Durham was also a 'county palatine'; so
'County Durham' but not 'County Chester' may be just due to onomastic
evolution? Still like to see a good post on this...

Nat Taylor

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