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From: Kay Allen AG <>
Subject: Re: questionable marriage
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 20:48:45 -0700
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The truth is never tacky, Lambchop. Your instability is showing.
Threatening violence is never good form, it shows an inability or
unwillingness to conduct yourself with reason.

If one cannot take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. This is a list
which does not, for the most part suffer fools gladly. Fools are those
who are ignorant and don't know or care that they are igtnorant. People
who know that they do not know are very welcome.

Yes, and you were rude before I even posted you.

The usual form for asking for citations is something like, " Would you
please give us your citations." You wrote," Would you please state your
"sources" [Pretty much OK to this point but putting sources in quotes
could be construed as an indication of doubt of quality], as that would
be helpful to us in determining which of you is correct." The latter
part is insulting and rude. It would have been more mannerly and would
have sufficed to have merely asked for the citations.

Kay Allen AG [FYI, Accredited Genealogist]

Sarah Reveley wrote:

> >> Especially from someone who mentions a marriage to a
> person whose very existence is questionable. :-)<<Kay Allen
> Now that was downright tacky, Honey. Glad you added a smiley face, or
> I would have to bust you in the nose. ;-) I have noticed that there
> are continuous disagreements on this List, which is very helpful and
> often entertaining in getting to the truth about details. I see no
> reason to make disparaging remarks about other researchers. We are all
> here for the same reason, a love of genealogy, and our family
> history. Rudeness is unacceptable. Regards,Sarah

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