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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Felton
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 11:20:50 +0100

I wrote:
> Looking at my copies of Felton inquisitions post mortem, I've just noticed
> that the relevant plea coram rege is recited in documents associated with
> the inquisition of William de Felton (d. 1367), the son of William (d.
> 1358). This does state that William de Felton [the father of the William
> d. 1358] gave various lands by an undated charter to his son William, with
> various remainders, including one to Constance, the daughter of John de
> Felton, his son, and her male heirs.

To some extent this is also relevant to the attempts to identify the Lucy de
Felton, who is said to have married William Disney. The charter grants lands
to William de Felton [d. 1358], the grantor's son, [and his heirs] with
successive remainders to Constance, son of John, his son, and her heirs
male, to Alice, his daughter, and her heirs male, to Eleanor, his daughter,
and her heirs male, and to his [the grantor's] right heirs.

If it can be concluded from this that William's son John was dead by 1328,
leaving only a daughter Constance, and that the only other issue of his
second marriage was the daughters Alice and Eleanor, then that seems to
dispose of the whole Edlingham branch, which William founded. By his first
marriage, William seems to have left only daughters, and as previously
posted, it seems impossible for Lucy to be among the descendants of his son
William (d. 1358).

It looks as though Lucy's origins must definitely be sought elsewhere than
among the Feltons of Edlingham.

Chris Phillips

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