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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:14:48 EDT

Tuesday, 2 July, 2002

Hello All,

While this may not be a 'new' discovery, I did wish to post the following
for the information of all (it was in fact new to me).

William de Stuteville (aka d'Estuteville), of Gressenhall and Elsing,
Norfolk & c. (d. in or before May 1259) is shown as the father of Margery de
Stuteville, heiress in her issue of her brother Sir Robert de Stuteville and
wife of Sir Richard Foliot of Norton, co. York & c. (ca. 1214-1299/1300) [1].
He is shown as the son of Osmund de Stuteville (d. ca. 1193 in Jaffa, on
Crusade) by Isabel, daughter and heiress of William fitz Roger of
Gressenhall, Norfolk [2].

Blomefield provides the following information concerning William de

A separate post will be sent to SGM on the ancestry of William fitz Roger
of Gressenhall, based primarily on Blomefield. This information was provided
by Rosie Bevan (again, many thanks to Rosie for her contributions and advice).

[1] CP, article on Foliot, Lord Foliot (Vol. V).
[2] MC 5th ed., Line 51; also CP, article on Huntingfield,
Lord Huntingfield (Vol. VI).
[3] Blomefield, Topographical History of the County of
Norfolk, Vol. 8 (pp. 201 et seq., Elsing) and Vol. 9
(pp. 510 et seq., Gressenhall).

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