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Subject: Children of Philippe Augustus & Agnes of Meran (was RE: Gladys Dhu: The importance of terminology)
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> Dear Peter,
> Thank you for a well-done and interesting post.
> My notes concerning the issue of Philippe-Auguste and
> Agnes of Meran (Philippe 'Hurepel' and his sister Mary) indicate
> that their illegitimacy had not been revised. Can you provide a
> citation as to the source concerning the legitimation of these two
> Capetians ?

Further to the references I posted earlier, I have now found the text of the
legitimation by Pope Innocent III printed in _Les Registres de Philippe
Auguste_, vol 1, Recueil des Historiens de la France, Documents Financiers
et Administratifs VII (Paris, 1992).

The letter is dated at Agnani on 2 November 1201, addressed to the
archbishops and bishops of France. The king's affirmation of trust in the
annulment promulgated by Guillaume, archbishop of Rheims, and in the
propriety of the process following this are given as reasons for agreeing to
his request for the legitimation. The necessity of ensuring the succession
is also acknowledged, "Nos igitur....ut tam honori regie dignitatis quam
utilitati et necessitati regni Franc[orum] provide consulamus, predictos
puerum et puellam de speciali gratia legittimationis titulo, de communi
fratrum nostrorum consilio decoramus ut nullus eis ex natalibus defectus

Peter Stewart

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