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From: "brad verity" <>
Subject: 2nd Husband of Mary Talbot Greene
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 03:49:42 -0400

Rosie Bevan wrote on 23/4/02 in the thread "The Greenes of Boughton and
Greene's Norton, co. Northants":

"Sir Thomas [Greene], who died in 1391 [CIPM 15 Rich II, pt 1, no.24] was
succeeded by his son another Thomas, Sheriff of Northants. in 1417, in which
year he died. [CIPM 5 Hen V, no 39]. His widow Mary died in 1433, when their
son, another Sir Thomas, came into possession of the whole manor [Fine R
Northants. 12 Hen VI, m 42]."

Dear Rosie and Newsgroup,

Is there any information on John Notyngham, the second husband of Mary
Talbot, widow of Sir Thomas Greene? I came across the following entry in
the Calendar of Close Rolls of Henry V:

"Nov. 4 1420. Westminster. To William Caumbrygge mayor of the city of
London and escheator therein. Order in presence of the next friends of
Thomas son and heir of Thomas Grene knight, or of their attorneys, to assign
dower to John Notyngham and Mary who was wife of Thomas the father, with the
issues and profits thereof since 18 June last; as on that day for a fine
paid in the hanaper the king pardoned the trespass of John Notyngham in
taking her to wife, and her trespass in marrying him without licence of the
king, and ordered Richard Whityngton late mayor and escheator in presence
etc. to assign them dower: and that escheator was removed from office before
the said writ was executed."

My guess is the following PRO document applies to this John Notyngham: "E
101/70/6/727, Parties to Indenture: Indentures between the king and the
following for service in France. John Notyngham, 9 Henry V."

And Mary did receive her dower: "C 138/61/75, Grene, Mary, who was the wife
of Thomas, kt, who then married John Notyngham. Assignment of dower: Leics,
9 Hen V."

There was a Sir William Notyngham, attorney to King Henry VI, who was
prominent in that reign as well as that of Edward IV. I wonder if he was
related, or even their son?

Is there any info at all on the Notyngham family?

Regards, ------Brad Verity

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