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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: DD error: Isabel the wife of Osmund de Stuteville
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 10:15:59 +0100

Rosie Bevan wrote:
> K-R in DD p.723 has this to say about Osmund de Stuteville.
> de Stuteville, Osmund
> Son of Robert III de Stuteville and Helewise, born c.1140/5. In 1166 he
> two thirds of a fee of Robert de Stuteville at Cowesby, Kepwith, East Ness
> and Newsham, Yorkshire. He married Isabel of Gressenhall, Norfolk daughter
> of Roger dapifer of the earls Warenne, by whom he had issue william. He
> steward to the earl Warenne. He joined the Third Crusade and died at
> probably in 1192. His widow was the wife of William II of Huntingfield by
> 1194. See EYC ix, 429
> Douglas, Social Structure of Medieval East Anglia (1927), no. 28; Dugdale,
> Monasticon Anglicanum, IV p. 52, no. XIII ; Red Book of the Exchequer, ed.
> Hall (1897), p.429

John P. Ravilious wrote:
> It would appear that K-R is in error in making 'Roger' the father of
> Isabel, heiress of Gressenhall. This is probably based on her being
> Isabel 'fitz Roger', after her father William fitz Roger, also (according
> Blomefield) called William de Gressenhall, of Gressenhall and Elsing,
> [see CP under Huntingfield; also MC 5th ed., Huntingfield].

Thank you for those contributions about the de Stutevilles and related

Actually, I can't see anything about Isabel's parentage in the CP
Huntingfield article, but on p.488 of Domesday Descendants, there are items
for Isabel de Gressinghale and Willelm de Gressinghale. According to these,
Isabel is Willelm's daughter, and Willelm is, as you say, son of Roger fitz
Wimer. This is consistent with the description of Isabel as Wimer's great
granddaughter, quoted earlier by Robert S. Baxter from Domesday People

I can't see an item in Domesday Descendants for Roger fitz Wimer, though
confusingly there is a (presumably)different Roger fitz Wihomarc appearing
on p. 972.

Chris Phillips

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