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From: Kay Allen AG <>
Subject: Re: New PA Line to Jane Lowe
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 07:14:14 -0700
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Carl Boyer's books are a good place to start. But Mr. Boyer is not terminally
thorough, so he can only be rated as possibly a good genealogist. He tends to
rely on sources which tend to be outdated, such as Vernon Norr's work.

As an example, the first part of his Devereux pedigree, which is based on Norr,
is totally fabulous.

When he states that he has not found a connection for the Camvilles, it only
shows that he really din't look too hard.

I find his books on his own Colonial ancestry to be better.

Kay Allen AG

malinda wrote:

> >From Learned Cousin....
> My reference showed the Camvilles were not related, however, I am open to
> learning otherwise. That excellent genealogist and compiler, Carl Boyer, 3rd
> who published "Medieval English Ancesters of Certain Americans" in 2001,
> made the statement he was unable to find a relationship, so I did not look
> any further, as it was getting late in the day.
> Now that I am looking for Camvilles, I am finding them all over the place!
> I have data on the Vernons as well. Sorry about that!
> Now tell me if there is something I might add to what you have.
> J.

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