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Dear James

According to a pedigree of the Paynels at the front of vol 6 of William
Farrer/Charles Clay (eds.), 'Early Yorkshire Charters' (1939), William
Paynel (d. bef 1254), second son of Fulk Paynel II (d bef. 1230) of Hambye
and Agatha da. of William du Hommet, was married to Parnel, daughter of
Ralph Tesson. William and Parnel's son and heir Ralph took the name of
Tesson. The first wife of Fulk Paynel II was Cecily da. of Jordan Tesson but
there was no issue by this marriage.

1. Fulk Paynel II of Hambye and Drax - lost Drax in 1204
+ 1.Cecily da. Jordan Tesson
+ 2.Agatha da. William du Hommet, wid. William de Fougeres
2.Fulk Paynel III of Hambye
2.William Paynel II d.bef 1254
+ Parnel Tesson
3.Ralph Tesson

On p. 27-28

William's marriiage with the eldest daughter of Ralph Tesson was approved by
king John in 1214.
"She was named Parnel and the marriage had taken place before mid-Lent of
that year when the first judgement of the Norman Exchequer was given for the
partition of the inheritence of Ralph Tesson among his three daughters and
their husbands; the share which was assigned to William and Parnel included
the fee of Perci [dept. Manche] and its members, lying adjacent to the
honour of Fulk Paynel at Hambye, and also Hyenville and Treauville [dept.
manche], parcel of the demesnes of the barony of St Sauveur. William Paynel
was still underage in 1217. In 1230 he confirmed a to the abbey of Mambye a
gift made by Parnel his wife deceased. In 1237 he styled himself 'dominus'
of Gripon which lordship had belonged to his grandmother and which he
doubtless received from his father. His son Ralph who had succeeded by 1254
assumed the name of Tesson which continued to be borne by his posterity
seated at the castle of La Roche-Tesson."

This volume of EYC is devoted to the Paynel fee in Yorkshire and treats the
early Paynel family fairly comprehensively.



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> Does anyone know anything of the Tesson-Paynel family? Why was the name
changed (at least in my line)
> I descend from Jean I Tesson, father of Jean II Tesson who married
Thomasse. Jean I goes back to the Paynel family in at least one database I
have seen. Yet I found a database of the Paynel family which traces the
descendants of Foulkes Paynel and yet does not show any connection to the
Tesson family.
> Thanks for anyone who can help!
> James

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