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> Rudolf graf von Tierstein marrid a Beatrix von Pfirt - she
> was living in 1267. Is this correct? If so how does Beatrix
> tie in with the main stem of the Pfirt family.?
> On a similar vein, I have, some generations back, a hugo Graf
> von Pfirt son of Eberhardt II count of Basse Lorraine,
> ortenau and Aargau + 920 spouse of Adeline de
> Vermandois..............Is this correct?

No - these men are presumed to be Etichonids, descendants of Eticho I
(Adalricus, Chatalrichus, Attich, Chadich), who was duke in Alsace ca 673
and died after 682. The parentage of your elder man, however, is doubtful.
He _may_ have been son of Eberhard II (Wichmann), count in the Alsatian
Nordgau & Hamaland (died 881) and Evesna, a Saxon lady.

Eberhard III, count in the Alsatian Nordgau, became count in the Aargau
before April 886 & count in the Ortenau before 26 May 888. He died after 14
March 898. His wife's name was Adallinda, but her family is unknown. The
Adal- name element appears by her time in several familes who might have
been allied to Eberhard, and I don't know of an indication that she was a
Carolingian. They were parents of Hugo III, count in the Alsatian Nordgau
in 910, advocate of Lüders & count of Hohenburg, who died (as a monk) in
940. His wife was Hildegard, also of unknown family. They left descendants
through their son Eberhard IV, count in the Alsatian Nordgau (died 18
February 967 (or 18 December 972/3), who married (as her second husband) ca
945 Liutgard, daughter of the count palatine Wigeric & Cunegundis; and
_perhaps_ the Hapsburgs through a possible younger son Count Guntram the
Rich, lord at Muri.

Some useful sources for this lineage are:

Michael Borgolte: _Die Grafen Alemanniens in merowingischer und
karolingischer Zeit: Eine Prosopographie_ (Sigmaringen, 1986)

Franz Vollmer: *Die Etichonen: Ein Beitrag zur Frage der Kontinuität früher
Adelsfamilien*, Studien und Vorabeiten zur Geschichte des grossfränkischen
und frühdeutschen Adels, ed G Tellenbach (Freiburg, 1957)

Christian Wilsdorf: *Les Étichonides aux temps carolingiens et ottoniens*,
_Bulletin philologique et historique (jusqu'à 1610) du Comité des Travaux
Historiques et Scientifiques_ (1964).

Peter Stewart

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