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From: "Rosie Bevan" <>
Subject: Nicholas de Stuteville
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 13:16:59 +1200
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From Keats-Rohan, Domesday Descendants, p.723

de Stuteville, Nicolaus
Most references in these sources to Nicholas de Stuteville are probably to
Nicholas lord of Valmont in Normandy (d.1177), who was probably the son of
Rober II de Stuteville. He married Juliana daughter of Godeschal, a follower
of Queen Adelisa of Louvain, by whom he had issue Robert (dead in 1185,
husband of Leonia of Salisbury, Rot. de Dom. 69-70), Nicholas (husband of
Edith de Gurnay), William and Richard (Delisle, Rec. Henri II, pp. 246-48)

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