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From: Dolly Ziegler <>
Subject: Medieval Families Unit (was: Query Turner/Backshell)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 09:10:08 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello, Val. You probably are not going to learn anything useful by
trying to contact the Medieval Families Unit at the Family History
Library. The group extracted a lot of medieval-era information from
standard source books, and people who worked on that project are
justifiably proud of their efforts. However, not everything from the MFU
is correct -- some of the earlier connections are impossible, and this
doubtless because the printed sources were inaccurate.

My advice: Everything on Ancestral File, and any patron-submitted data
on the IGI, should be regarded as a *clue* to further research.

*Extracted* data on the IGI, although not perfect, has a good degree of
reliability. A look at the original record on microfilm is still
advisable. I, for one, wish I had understood this 30 years ago. Cheers,
Dolly in Maryland
On Thu, 4 Jul 2002,
Lomax, Val wrote:

> Can anyone help please.
> I have found a reference to a possible ancestor from Keymer, Sussex in
> the LDS Ancestral File - Mr BACKSHELL(born abt 1672) who married Mary
> TURNER, whose ancestry is quite extensive on the site.
> Does anyone know if it is possible to contact the submitters ' Medieval
> Families' in Salt Lake City?, to find out where they would have got
> there information from, or indeed does anyone know if there is a
> medieval connection with the 2 names TURNER & BACKSHELL.
> Thanks for your help
> Val Lomax

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