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Subject: Re: Umfrevilles and Reveleys
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 10:33:31 EDT

Hi Group:

Would someone in the group post the ancestry of Hugh Morwick III that
Rosie mentioned below?.

Thanks in advance.

Joan Burdyck

In a message dated 7/3/02 1:16:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< e following is from Constance M. Fraser, "The Northumberland Lay Subsidy
Roll of 1296" The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1968 p.178.

"REAVELEY (Reveley) Member of barony of Alnwick, being part of the manor of
Ingram, one of the 'ten towns'. On his death in 1268 Hugh of Morwick III
held Reaveley, possibly by right of his wife, and it was divided among four
daughters and co-heiresses. Beatrice dying childless and Margery becoming a
nun, the estate which included Morwick, East and West Chevington and half
Longhirst was split between Theophania and her husband John Bulmer and Sybil
and her husband Roger Lumley and their heirs. Roger Lumley died before Sept
1284 and his widow remarried Laurence of St. Maur, who died in 1296. Her
eldest son, Sir Robert Lumley, can probably be identified with the Sir
Robert of Reaveley of the subsidy roll. Sybil died in 1298. The Bulmer
moiety was held of them by Alexander of Biddick in 1284 (NCH V 347, 350; XIV
472, 479-80)

William son of Geoffrey 11s.
Sir Robert of Reaveley L4 10 0d
William servant of Emma L2 17 3d
Thomas of Hog' L2 14 6d
William son of William L1 6 8d
William son of Matilda L1 13 9d
Henry Brun L 2 1 10d

TA of Reaveley, L15 15s 0d, TD L1 8s 7 3/4d.



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