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_Domesday Descendants_ by Keats-Rohan.

P. 769 Ivo de Vesci, Norman from Vassy, Calvados, arr. Vire, said to
have acquired land at Alnick (sic Alnwick), Northumberland, by marriage
to a daughter of William Tison. Certainly father of Beatrice, wife of
Eustace FitzJohn (d. 1157), whose son William took his mother's name of
de Vesci.

P. 1126, Willelm Tison, son of Adam Tison and Emma...Succeeded father c.
1154, holding fifteen fees of Roger de Mowbray. He was dead by the end
of 1180, leaving four daughter by his wife Alice, viz the wife of Robert
I the Constable of Flamborough, Constance, wife of Ralph de Beauver,
Matilda, wife first of Robert de Beauver and secondly of William of
Weighton, and Agnes (d. s.p. before 1185), wife of Hugh FitzMalger of

Although Ivo de Vesci's wife is mentioned in the first instance, she is
not listed among William's daughters in the second. William had a
brother Malger and a sister Avice, wife of Henry II Hosatus.


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malinda wrote:

> >From Learned Cousin.....~m
> Ivo de Vesci, said to be a companion of William the Conqueror, is
> supposed to have married Alda the daughter and heir of William Tyson

> (Tesson), lord of Alnwick, Northumberland & Malton, Yorkshire.

Citation please.

> Ivo's heir was his daughter Beatrice who m. Eustace Fitz John who d.
> 1157. Eustace was ancester, by his second marriage, of the lords of
> Halton, Cheshire, and Whalton, Northumberland. Their son:
> William I de Vesci, who took his mother's patronymic, d. 1183; m.
> Burga de Stuteville, dau. of Robert III de Stuteville of Cottingham,
> co. Yorkshire, d. 1183. Cottingham was held originally by the Domesday

> lord Hugh, son of Baldrick.

No "k" in Baldric. He also married an Agnes. And he had a liason which
resulted in an illegitimate son.

> snipped
> William I de Vesi and Burga de Stuteville left Eustace who came of
> age in 1190 and died at the siege of Barnard Castle, m. Margaret
> illegitimate dau.of William the Lion, d. 1214, King of Scotland.

They also had a son Warin,.


> William II, son & heir came of age in 1226 and d. 1253, m. Agnes de
> Ferrers, (dau of William Ferrers, Earl of Derby, d. 1254 and Sibyl de
> Marshall ), leaving John d.s.p. 1289. William III, brother & heir
> d.s.p.s.1297. Alnwick passed to Anthony Bec, bishop of Durham, who in
> 1309 conveyed it to Henry de Percy, lord of Topcliffe, Yorks. Henry d.

> 1314 leaving Henry d. 1352.
> [Sanders] [CP]

This William married first Isabel. No issue. By Agnes also had son
William III.

Source is a chart from a book on North country famili8es. Will try to
get the explicit cite when I am home.


> J.

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