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From: malinda <>
Subject: Re: Umfrevilles and Reveleys
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 19:31:15 -0500
References: <000c01c22446$2e6f9350$92dbf7a5@D9080911><260201c22451$4eb04140$8f15bcd0@computer><000501c22463$77fc9780$ff8cfea9@computer>

" Here Lyeth interred, with,
in this, mold, a, generous, and,
Virtuous, Wight, whose,
due, deserte, cannot, be, tolde,
from, slender, skill, unto,
his, right: He, was, descended,
from, a, race, of, worshipful,
Antiquities, loved, he, was,
in, his, life, space, of, high,
eke, of, low, degree, rest,
Bartrum, in this, house, of, clay,
Reveley, unto, the, latter, day;"

Bertram to us so dutiful a son,
if more were fit it should for thee be done,
who deceased the 7th October, anno domini 1622.

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