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From: "Sylvia Lewis" <>
Subject: Proven English Origins?
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 18:51:07 -0700

I'm hoping someone can refer me to any sources that discuss the ancestry or
origins, if known, of the following New England immigrants. A lot of
conflicting information has been published, and I'm having trouble figuring
out what has and hasn't been documented.

*Nicholas Batt, born circa 1600, d. 1677 in Newbury, MA. Many sources say
his parents were Richard Batt and Agnes Danyell of St. Johns, Devizes,
Wiltshire. Has this or any other ancestry been proven?

*Matthew Beckwith, born circa 1610, d. 1680 in New London, CT. Some of the
parents he's been assigned in various sources include: Roger Beckwith &
Susanna Bracherbury, Marmaduke Beckwith & Anne Dynley, Marmaduke Beckwith &
Alice Bramhall, etc. etc. Have any parents been proven?

*John Boynton, born circa 1614, d. 1670 in Rowley, MA. Most sources say his
parents were William Boynton and Jane Chambers, of Knapton, Yorkshire. Has
this or any other ancestry been proven?

*Nicholas Danforth, born circa 1590, d. 1638 in Cambridge, MA. Several
sources name his parents as Thomas Danforth and Jane Sudbury of Framlingham,
Suffolk. Has this or any other ancestry been proven?

*Phebe Leete, wife of George Parkhurst, b. 1585 England. Some of her English
ancestry has already been discovered and is discussed in "50 Great Migration
Colonists...". Does she have any documented royal descents?

Thanks, Sylvia

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