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From: "Rick Eaton" <>
Subject: Re: Ray Phair discovers proof of Countess Ida
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 15:55:53 -0400

Thanks, Adrian. I will check the Phair message.

BTW, I thought, that it was commonly accepted that Ralph
Bigod was the son of Roger.

I have been hunting for more information about Ralph
because, as I recall, he succeeded the Pantulphs as baron of
Wem and, "by gift" to Peter peverel (for whom I have been
able to find virtually nothing) granted the wardship of
Peter de Eyton, ultimately knight, lord of
Eyton-on-the-Wealdmoors, Shropshire, and an apparent
descendant of William Pantulf, first baron of Wem. The
Eytons, at domesday and apparently before, held several
manors, including Eyton-on-the-Wealdmoors under the barons
of Wem.

As previously, if anyone has even the slightest relevant
information in the above regard, I would appreciate very
much having it posted.
Rick Eaton

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>Subject: Re: Ray Phair discovers proof of Countess Ida
>Date: Sat, Jul 6, 2002, 2:33 PM

> Rick Eaton wrote,
>> Snippet:
>> > It was pointed out to me,
>> >
>> >
>> >> It would seem that the evidence in question is the reference
> from
>> > the
>> >> registers of Philip Augustus which identified Ralph Bigod as a
>> > brother of
>> >> the Earl of Salisbury.
>> Then, who, in this case, would be the earl of Salisbury?
>> And what is the time frame?
>> Rick Eaton
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> You need to check Ray Phair's message of 3 July, subject "Countess
> Ida,
> Bigod, Longespee" (I am not sure if this got through the gateway,
> had to
> get a copy from the archives)
> In that message, you will find that Ray has found evidence that
> Ralph Bigod
> was [half] brother of William Longespee earl of Salisbury and that
> this Ralph
> Bigod was most probably the son of Roger Bigod (-1221) 2nd earl of
> Norfolk.
> Adrian

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