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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Another puzzle: Faucomberge and Felton
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 22:36:45 +0100

> > Rosie Bevan wrote:
> > > I am beginning to wonder whether Eustantia and Constantia are actually
> the
> > > same person. The letters of the names would look very similar in
> > > contemporary handwriting and I am wondering whether there has been a
> > > transcription error somewhere along the line. It doesn't make an awful
> lot
> > > of sense for John to have named his daughter after his father's first
> > wife.
> I replied
> > The big problem is the appearance of Margaret, Elizabeth and Constance,
> > daughters and coheirs of Constance, in the pedigree in History of
> > Northumerland, vol.7, p.121. The authorities cited are various refs in
> > Dodsworth's manuscripts, and "Rev. John Hodgson's Collection", and Cal.
> > Close Rolls, 2 Edw III, p.335.

And later:
> I had a look at the Calendar of Close Rolls reference (1327-30, p.335, 2
> Edward III, m.9 [1328]).
> So there seems to be no doubt that by the time of William's death
> the only surviving issue of Constance was these three daughters.

HOWEVER, I've now looked again at the volume of Northumberland Feet of
Fines, and they do show a Constance, wife of William de Felton, living in
1305. By two fines (published abstracts below), two fourth parts of the
manor of "Lemmoketone" [Lemmington, 1-2 miles NNE of Edlingham] are conveyed
to William and Constance and the heirs of William. Lands in the same place
(variously spelled) appear in the inquisitions post mortem of William de
Felton (d. 1358), of his sons William and John, and of John's son John.

This seems to throw a spanner in the works of the accepted picture, in which
William (d. shortly before 11 May 1328) married 1stly Constance Pontop (by
1285; dead by c.1295) - by whom three daughters, her coheirs - and 2ndly
Eustancia (by 1295; predeceased him) - by whom his son William (d. 1358) and
other children.

This leaves me at a bit of a loss for an explanation. I had wondered earlier
whether there could be two Williams - father and son married to Constance
and Eustantia - but the fact that Constance left only daughters seems to
rule that out. The fact that William (d.1358) and his descendants held land
in Lemmington rules out the possibility that the William of 1305 belongs to
another Felton family entirely.

As far as I can see, realistically, that leaves two possibilities:

(1) The editor of the Feet of Fines made the same mistake Rosie suggested,
and read "Constantia" for "Eustantia" in these two fines;

(2) William married 3 times - 1st to Constance Pontop, 2nd to Eustantia and
3rd to another Constance. In that case William's younger son, John, could be
a son of the third wife Constance, which could explain why he called his
daughter Constance. But there was also a suspicion that William's elder son,
William, had a daughter Constance, who married Thomas de Faucomberge. Could
the elder son William also be a son of the Constance of 1305? I'm not sure
I've seen any evidence that he was Eustantia's son - only that he wasn't
Constance Pontop's.

If anyone has a better way out of this difficulty, I'll be very grateful to
hear it! (Particularly as I'm about to post another message suggesting that
William the son may have married two women called Isabel!)

Chris Phillips

From Publications of the Newcastle upon Tyne Records Committee, vol.11



48. William de Feltone and Constance his wife, plt : Robert de Pontop,
deforc : 7 messuages, and a hundred acres of land in Westmatfen : covenant :
William to have the land, he and Constance and his heirs by her to hold as
by gift of Robert, rendering yearly a rose at Nativity St John Bapt for all
service and doing also all other services due to lords of fee : Robert
warrants : reversion to Robert on failure of heirs of the marriage.
(F.F. 181/7 (44))

126,127 (p.43)


126. William de Felton and Constance his wife, plt. : Cristiana de Tossene,
imped. : fourth part of manor of Lemmoketone : warranty of charter :
property to William and Constance and the heirs of William as by gift of
Cristiana : Cristiana will warrant ; they give her a hundred marks of
(F.F. 181/9 (119))

127. William de Feltone and Constance his wife, plt. : Thomas de Alneham,
imped. : fourth part of manor of Lemmoketone : warranty of charter :
property to William and Constance and the heirs of William as by gift of
Thomas : Thomas will warrant ; they give him a hundred marks of silver.
(F.F. 181/9 (120))

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