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Subject: Re: Durham Liber Vitae [was: Thanks]
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 11:50:39 -0500
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"Chris Phillips" wrote:

> Rosie Bevan wrote:
> > This was published as a Surtees Society Publication.
> >
> > LIBER VITAE ECCLESIAE DUNELMENSIS, Surtees Society, Vol. 13, 1841; a
> > list of names of 11th century Durham benefactors.>
> According to my notes, there's also a facsimile, edited by A.H. Thompson
> published in 1923, which was intended to be accompanied by a transcript
> index, which unfortunately never appeared (as far as I know). I believe
> accuracy of the 1841 transcript was criticised in the 1923 edition.

PLM: Thank you for the additional source, Chris. After I searched my local
libraries online catalogue with no luck, I went to the Surtees Society
website, and their current publisher Boydell & Brewer, and I still could not
find that particular volume (13). I was amazed at all the material they do
have, which covers the medieval period; so I will include both URL's.

After reading their brief History page; I presume that A. H. Thompson
was a member, from the clues they provide. It says that Volumes 150 and 200,
give a list of their past publications, and they are:

"150. The Surtees Society 1834-1934. Comprising a history of the Society, a
list of its members from the date of foundation, and an account of its
publications. A. Hamilton Thompson. ISBN 0-85444-024-0, and 200. Raine
miscellany. Ed. A. Marsden. ISBN 0-85444-057-7"

I am now curious to know if Mr. Thompson's work on the "Durham Liber
Vitae" was merely confined to a critique in volume 150 of the Surtees
Society, or if it was indeed a separate and distinct text? They do mention
that the most comprehensive book that covers all the volumes of the Surtees
Society is E. L. C. Mullins, "Texts and Calendars [I] and II, Royal
Historical Society Guides and Handbooks nos 7 and 12 (1958 and 1983)."

Best Wishes,

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