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From: Don Stone <>
Subject: Re: Gateway Problem?
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 17:16:28 -0400
References: <000a01c22444$78be7900$92dbf7a5@D9080911>

Sutliff wrote (to ):

> Yes, the gateway has been down and must be still down. I checked the SGM
> newsgroup to find numerous discussions not yet sent through
> Gen-Medieval. Consequently messages being posted to the newsgroup are
> unseen by readers of Gen-Medieval. I have no idea when this will be
> repaired and resumed. Because this has been going on well over a week
> (since June 27th or earlier), either Gen-Medieval subscribers shall
> eventually receive an enormous number of messages from the backlog, or
> else miss them altogether. If possible, I recommend checking both
> groups.

I have learned from a RootsWeb staff member that the messages sent to and
distributed by GEN-MEDIEVAL since the gateway (with
soc.genealogy.medieval) broke are being saved up and can be sent to
soc.genealogy.medieval via the gateway after it is re-established. The
status of soc.genealogy.medieval messages not yet sent over to
GEN-MEDIEVAL is less clear. GEN-MEDIEVAL subscribers might need to use a
news reader or Google to see some of them.

-- Don Stone

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