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From: "Varga, Loren M." <>
Subject: Glismod or Froiza?
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:40:16 -0400

Here is a translation from K.Lechner's book,"Die Babenberger" pp.72,79."
Margarve Adalbert's second marriage was to Froiza,a sister of King Peter of
Hungary.Margrave Adalbert died on May26,1055. His wife Froiza,named with him
in the imperial records of 1048 and 1051,personally received a gift of land
on the Perschling. She was the sister of King Peter of Hungary mentioned in
the 11th and 12th century narrative sources,though not by name,from the
house of the Orseolos in Venice But Froiza was not the first wife of
Margrave Adalbert. Not only does her name appear in an erasure in the above
-mentioned records that left room for a longer name,but also the Annals of
the Benedictine cloister Stade near Hanover,written around 1250/56,speak of
a Lippold,son of a Glismod and married to an Ida,daughter of a half-brother
of Kaiser Heinrich III named Liudolf,the latter being the son of a Gisela.
Glismod was the sister of Bishop Meinwerk of Paderborn(who died in 1036) and
was married to a "noble prince in Bavaria."After Meinwerk's death,however,a
Liutpold and an Adalbert filed an inheritance claim. This document reveals
tha this Liutpold(Lippold) is Margrave Adalbert's son who died young in
1043.... That makes Glismod the first wife of Margrave Adalbert,through whom
relations with Saxony were established that became clearly apparent under
"his"(quotes mine)son and successor,Margrave Ernst." Commentary please
Regards Loren

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