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Subject: RE: Maldred's children
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 10:04:36 -0500
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To quote CP IX 704-5
Gospatric, s. and h. of Maldred (presumably s. of Crinan, lay abbot of
Dunkel, by Bethoc. da. of Marlcolm II of Scotland) by Ealdgyth, da. of
Ughtred, Earl of Northumberland, by his wife Elgiva, da. of Ethelred II-thus
combining in his person the blood of the ancient Earls of Northumberland and
the of the royal houses of England and Scotland---very soon after the
slaughter of Comines and his men, paid the Conqueror a heavy fine to
succeed to the Earldom. He as once joined the Norwegians, who sailed up the
Humber, Sep. 1069, and took York by storm, massacring the Normans there. In
revenge the Conqueror ladi waste the whole country between York and Durham.
Gospatric, who had fled, obtained pardon. He was in possession of the
Earldom in 1071, but was deprived in 1072 on the old charge of having
assisted in the massacre of Durham. He fled to Scotland, where his kinsman
Malcolm Canmore gave him Dunbar, with the adjacent lands in Lothian. From
him descend early Earls of Dunbar. See Dunbar.

The section under Dunbar adds that Gospatric born between 1040-48, is
probably identical to the noble youth of the same name that accompanied
Tostig to Rome in 1061. He joined the Danes in the invasion of the north of
England but made peace with William and was entrusted with the government of
Northumberland but was deprived in Oct. or Nov. 1072 and fled to Scotland
where he was given Dunbar. He married (---), a sister of Edmund. He died
about 1075.

The SP III pp 240-41, ed. Paul gives Maldred MacCrinan two children and a
possible third, by Edith the daughter of Ughtred, Earl of Northumberland and
Elgiva of England, dtr of Ethelred II.
1. Gospatric, Earl of Northumberland and first Earl of Dunbar.
2. Maldred, who is claimed as the ancestor of Rober Fitz Maldred, Lord of
Raby in Durham, and through him of the Nevills, Earls of Westmorland and
Warwick and other families of that name. He had apparently two children,
Robert and Ughtred.
3. An Ulkil, son of Maldred, appears as a witenes to charters by Gospatric,
brother of Dolfind, before 1138. They may have been cousins.


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